About NGinfra

NGinfra stands for Next Generation Infrastructure. Within NGinfra we work towards an integrated vision on how to equip the infrastructure of the future.

A well-equipped infrastructure is key to our economy and quality of life. We often take access to proper drinking water, electricity and heating for granted. Simultaneously, complicated challenges like the energy transition, digitalization, climate adaptation, and shared mobility are upon us. Furthermore, infrastructural networks are becoming increasingly connected and interdependent. To prepare for the challenges ahead, infrastructure operators need to develop a collaborate understanding of the end state and need to optimize costs, facilitate policy changes and cooperate with other infrastructure stakeholders.

Therefore, Alliander, Port of Rotterdam, ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat, Schiphol Airport and Vitens decided to collaborate in finding the best solutions for the infrastructure of the future. Under the name of NGinfra, infra-operators share expertise, create knowledge, methods and opinions while simultaneously collaborate in projects, in order to think and act as a single infra-operator.


Tackling cross-sectoral challenges together does not only lead to cost savings and efficiency gains, but also yields more results. Not only for infra-operators, but especially for the society depending on it. We base our approach on the following five themes; Accessibility of Infrastructure, Value of Infrastructure, SIVOON (collaboration in detection of underground non-detonating explosives), The Future of Infrastructure and Data & Security.

By cross-sectoral collaboration, jointly developing, sharing and collaboration in projects, and engaging in dialogue we aim to think as a single infrastructure system. NGinfra wants to be the authoritative discussion partner that is naturally consulted on cross-sectoral infrastructure issues.


Creating responsive connections

NGinfra is a collaboration of: